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Jaxon Stevens CEO/Co-Founder

Simplicity with great functionality is everything these days; I embrace these techniques to create the best experience for the user. It all started when I was little. I started my first company when I was 12 years old. I designed apps and helped people learn how to code and design iOS apps. I embrace learning new skills that help me design better apps. I have also been very fortunate to receive two WWDC student scholarships so far and I even met Tim Cook, Mark Zuckerberg, Johnny Ive and Craig Federighi

Jason Lu Co-Founder/Business Operations

Jason is deeply passionate about the intersection of startup entrepreneurship and social responsibility. His interests span over nonprofit management, business formation, startup marketing, automation, consumer products, and envisioning a better world. His first success came in high school school when he and his classmates launched a nonprofit aimed at providing bicycles to third-world countries. Focused on the how to realize their visions, Jason obtained the partnership of Kirkland & Ellis and Brooklyn Law School after numerous efforts. After this experience, his interests evolved towards technology startups and how to bring about ideas into reality. In 2015, Jason joined a group of students to create PillDrops, a medical device startup aimed at tackling the challenges of polypharmacy in elderly patients. Jason was tasked with market validation and pitching to venture capitalist. PillDrops was featured by a variety of media sources including the Boston Globe.

Sienna Pagett Co-Founder/Marketer

My goal in life is to learn as much as I can from other people, and to make a positive influence in the world with the work that I pursue, COO of Impact Design Company 2014-July 2015 CEO of Impact Design Company July 2015- Present, Hugh O' Brian Youth Leadership Junior Staff and Operations 2013-2015 Nordstrom BP Intern 2013- Present, Chief Communications Officer TiwiTalk 2015- Present, Head of PR LyfeCycle 2015- Present

Daphne Chen Co-Founder/Marketer

"I’ve had a passion for writing from a young age. In recent years, I have won Silver Key awards from Scholastic for art and writing, and have been published in online and inprint publications. For the past two summers I’ve held an internship at a materials science and engineering lab and conducted research on nanoparticles for drug delivery. In addition, I’ve won regional and internationallevel science fairs for my research.

Ariful Islam Co-Founder/Business Operations

I am the CEO and Chairman of LyfeCycle. I have held the post as long as LyfeCycle has been an entity. I am a young individual that is an activist in Global Change. I have a vision where I see a World without injustices. I founded LyfeCycle to make that vision come true. I also am quite interested in the tech industry. I have many ideas for new technology that I want to pursue. I wish to advance technology as we see it now.

Phillip Chao Co-Founder/Designer

Hi! I'm Phillip, a UI/UX Designer. I focus primarily on mobile app and web app designing and development.

Duncan Bristow, Backend/Programmer

To fix any issues with the backend, or the hosts Lemona uses, as well to develop and improve source code behind the website, app or any project.

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